Mendell Primary School

Using Maths of the Day to improve standards in mathematics.
1. Scenario

Maths standards at Key Stage 2 were below national expectations. Only 70% of pupils were achieving the expected level of attainment at the end of year 6.

Maths attainment became the school's number one priority.

2. Actions taken

Introduction of 'Teach Active' across the whole school.

Action plan agreed - all classes to teach one lesson of maths via 'Teach Active' each week.

Intervention/booster classes to involve 'Teach Active' 3 x per week.

3. Impact on attitudes

Attainment went from below national expectations to top 10% nationwide.

School recognised in top 50 schools nationwide for sustained improvement in maths.

100% of children left KS2 at or above the expected level.

4. Impact on attainment

94% of pupils rated maths higher since the introduction of Teach Active.

100% of teachers felt it helped children to retain mathematical concepts.

Improved teamwork, collaboration and determination within lessons.

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