St Oswald’s Primary School

Raising attitudes towards Maths
1. Why did we pursue Active Maths?

With Maths being a part of our school development plan and the school going for the LCQM during this year, we thought it right to pursue a project that would improve attitudes towards Maths and change the way children thought about Maths with a link to Physical Education.

2. Impact on children's attitudes towards maths

Using the available questionnaire, we noticed a big increase in attitudes towards maths from the children after two terms of using Active Maths. In every class throughout the school, attitudes to maths had improved and children were thoroughly enjoying the lessons provided by the Teach Active website and being delivered by their teachers Improved attitudes made for a 'love of learning' which impacted on resilience, determination and attainment.

3. Impact on children's activity levels

Teach Active helped our children to also meet recommended guidelines set out by the Chief Medical Officer of 60 minutes per day. Maths lessons were far more active and involved less sedentary behaviour:

Days Teach Active has not been used:
Average steps 3217
Average steps 2276
Average steps 2938
Average steps 3071

Days Teach Active has been used:
Average steps 5119
Average steps 6552
Average steps 6012
Average steps 5876

4. What did the teachers think?

100% of teachers would like to see Teach Active continued within school. 100% of teachers also identified that they had seen a positive impact on their children's learning through Teach Active and 100% of teachers stated that Teach Active was positive resource to have within school.

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