Active Maths Workshop

February 03

North East - Herlingshaw Centre, Normanby Road, Eston TS6 9AE - View map

13.00 - 16.00


The session explores the benefits of introducing physical activity into the maths curriculum. Teachers will look at research and evidence, as well as being able to hear about how UK schools have used this approach to further improve attitudes to learning, whilst also driving up attainment.

Teach Active/Youth Sport Trust have delivered this CPD to thousands of teachers and have had a huge impact in schools across the UK who use this alongside (and to complement) their existing planning.

Teachers/SLT will also be introduced to the online website ‘Teach Active’ – a nationally praised and multi award winning resource which provides teachers with 2000+ lesson plans/resources on how to deliver the maths curriculum through physical activity. All teachers will be given a free trial for their school.

Tutor Jill Wilkinson

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Claire Tennyson

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"Holy Family Catholic School achieved their best ever maths results ... being placed in the top 5% of maths results nationwide"

Extract from Parliamentary Review 'Outstanding Practice in Education'

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