Active Maths & English Workshop

November 06

London - The Windsor Boys’ School Pavilion Stovell Road SL4 5JB - View map

12.30 - 15.00


This workshop looks at the evidence, research and UK-wide school impact of introducing physical activity into both English and Maths lessons. Schools across the UK are using Active Maths/English, alongside their existing planning and schemes, in order to improve attitudes and attainment in these core subjects.

The session is both theory and light practical and will allow class teachers to explore different games/techniques and discover how they can easily be incorporated into their daily/weekly timetable.

Teachers/SLT will also be introduced to the online website ‘Teach Active’ – a nationally praised and multi award winning resource which provides teachers with 3000+ lesson plans/resources on how to deliver the maths and English curriculum through physical activity. All teachers will be given a free trial for their school.

Tutor Emma Watkins

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Chantal Roe-Gammon

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“What a brilliant workshop! Fun, informative, challenging, thought provoking, fast paced and lively. Everything teachers want!"

Janice Price, Rural Derbyshire Schools Partnership

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