Maths of the Day – ‘Getting Started’ Guide (Admin and Teachers)

The following short guide has been put together to support existing and new MOTD ‘member’ schools in managing your school MOTD account

Instructions on getting started


Allocate a school ‘administrator’ – this person will manage your school account
* The administrator will be the only person who accesses the school ‘dashboard’ – all other users will automatically go straight to the ‘lessons’ section of the site when they log-in

The school ‘administrator’ should go to the navigation bar in the top left hand side of the dashboard and click on ‘add teachers’
* As the administrator ‘adds’ a teacher, he/she will automatically receive an e-mail, giving them an individual username and password for the website

It’s that easy!


Once you have been set up as a ‘user’ by your school administrator (see above) you will receive an e-mail giving you an individual username and password for your use only

Simply log-in to the site and begin to use MOTD!

Tips for Teachers

Use the navigation bar in the top left hand side of your page – this will allow you to move between different areas of the site:

Lessons – access the MOTD lesson plans

Homework – access the homework plans (see guidance in ‘useful resources’)

Parent Link – send this link to your parents so they can access the MOTD homework

Useful Resources – a range of resources which may support you in launching and delivering MOTD

  • Action Plans
  • Questionnaires
  • Homework Guidance


How to Guide: Watch the How to videos with support on using the different areas of the site

If you need any further support or have any questions you can contact us via the following ways:

- Live Chat – available through the website

- E-mail:

- Telephone: 01244 735110