General Questions

What is Teach Active and why should I use it?

Teach Active (formerly Maths of the Day) is an award-winning online resource tool, providing teachers with over 3000 lesson and homework plans with which to deliver the Primary Maths and English curriculum through physical activity.

Written by teachers for teachers, Teach Active contributes to the government’s recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day and has been proven to improve attitudes and attainment in Maths and English, whilst also improving children’s health and wellbeing.

Teach Active works in partnership with Youth Sport Trust, is endorsed by AfPE and has been recognised by Parliament for its outstanding contribution to education.

Is Teach Active a scheme of work?

No. Teach Active is a bank of resources and plans matched and mapped to the primary curriculum. Schools use Teach Active to complement and enhance their current Maths and English planning

How do schools fund Teach Active?

Maths budget/English budget/Pupil Premium funding/PE and Sport funding

Is Teach Active an annual fee or one-off payment?

Teach Active schools pay an annual fee. We are committed to working and supporting schools and continuously develop our resource – adding plans and updating activities and resources. Our attention to detail, quality resources and school support is why schools do not leave us!

Why should I consider Teach Active

Teach Active is loved by teachers and children. This approach will support attitudes and attainment within Maths, Reading and Writing – whilst also increasing levels of physical activity

Who has written the Teach Active plans

We pride ourselves on working with national Maths and English consultants who understand school and curriculum needs and ensure plans are supporting high quality teaching and learning

Using Teach Active

Teach Active is an on-line resource. Is it easy to use for all staff?

Teach Active is very easy to use. It has been designed and written by teachers (who understand how busy teachers are). Existing schools feedback Teach Active is easy to use and saves them hours of planning time.

How much training is required to introduce Teach Active?

Schools can subscribe to Teach Active and begin to use the resource straight away. No special training is needed.
We provide a ‘Getting Started Guide’ and have live and pre-recorded webinars to support you and your staff throughout your subscription.
If you want face to face training on active learning/Teach Active, we deliver staff meetings/twilights/INSETs

Do I need large spaces to deliver Teach Active lessons?

No. Some of our plans suggest going outside or using a hall/gym space if available. However, a lot of them can simply be done in the classroom.

Is Teach Active a PE lesson or a Maths/English lesson

Teach Active is about incorporating movement and physical activity into your Maths and English lessons. All activities are matched to the Maths and English curriculum and will help teachers to deliver lessons through PAL (physically active learning) approaches

Are the plans differentiated?

Teach Active plans are matched to age related expectations. Some games have one set of resources whilst others have a few sets to cater for different abilities – and to help master learning further.
All resources come in pdf and word so they can be adapted if necessary

We already use a scheme of work for maths and/or English. Will this be a problem?

No. Teach Active is not a scheme of work and will complement and enhance your current planning

Trial Account

Do I need to provide a credit card to access the trial?

No, no payment or credit details are taken – the trial is completely free for schools

How many teachers can participate in the trial?

Unlimited. When you set up your school’s trial account you will have the ability to share the username and password with all of your colleagues – this way every teacher can try Teach Active with their class.