Are you ready for your best school year yet?

Who's ready to get an active start to the new school year?
We have some important updates to tell you about...

A warm welcome back to all of our schools and fantastic teachers. We do hope you all had a fantastic summer break and have returned refreshed for another exciting academic year.

1) Teach Active is making a real difference thanks to teachers and schools like you!

Our schools are reporting great success stories regarding happiness, attitudes and attainment!

School day 33% more active

Children ‘significantly happier’

Better attaining children

Headteacher Steve Tindall (Holy Family School, Surrey) recently saw his year 6 children benefit from Active Maths – with 97% achieving expected level and 47% achieving greater depth (2023)

2) We’ve updated all of our Maths plans!

It’s been a busy summer for our Maths consultants – looking through every plan and ensuring real quality.

We’ve made lots of changes to existing plans – and even added new ones too!

3) Seasonal Activities Remain and are planned for 2023/2024

Last year the seasonal activities were hugely popular in schools and thanks to your enthusiasm and feedback we have more planned!

4) You need to visit your new look ‘Training Portal’

✓  Book a free staff meeting (or request a pre-recorded one)

✓  Book a 1:1 chat with our friendly team

✓  Access CPD

✓  Hear from our Maths/English consultants on how to integrate Teach Active into your lessons

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