Take Maths outside this Summer Term with Teach Active!

As the summer term approaches, teachers are looking for innovative ways to engage their pupils and make the most of the outdoor learning opportunities. In this blog, we will explore why the Summer Term is the perfect time to try Teach Active Maths and how it can benefit your students.

Outdoor Learning: The Summer Term brings warmer weather and longer days, making it an ideal time to take learning outside the classroom. Teach Active Maths offers a range of outdoor activities that allow students to explore mathematical concepts in a real-world context. From measuring distances and angles using natural objects to solving problems through outdoor scavenger hunts, outdoor learning with Teach Active Maths not only enhances mathematical understanding but also promotes physical activity and a deeper connection with the environment.

Active Learning: Teach Active Maths is all about active learning. It encourages students to physically engage with the learning process, promoting movement, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Active learning has been proven to increase student engagement, motivation, and retention of information. By incorporating physical activity into Maths lessons, Teach Active Maths helps students develop a positive attitude towards learning and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Active Lessons: Teach Active Maths provides a wide range of active lesson plans that are aligned with the National Curriculum. These lessons are designed to actively engage students in the learning process, making Maths fun and interactive. Whether it's through active games, role-playing, or hands-on activities, Teach Active Maths ensures that students are actively involved in their own learning, leading to improved outcomes and a love for Maths.

Intervention Plans: The Summer Term is an excellent time to provide targeted support to students who may need additional help in Maths. Teach Active Maths offers intervention plans that cater to the specific needs of individual students or small groups. These plans provide focused activities and resources to reinforce key concepts and address any gaps in understanding. By incorporating active learning strategies, intervention sessions become more engaging and effective, helping students build confidence and improve their Maths skills.

SEN Groups: Teach Active Maths is inclusive and caters to the needs of all learners, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The resource provides differentiated activities and resources that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of SEN groups. By incorporating movement and hands-on experiences, Teach Active Maths supports sensory learning and helps SEN students grasp abstract mathematical concepts more effectively.

Whole Class Work: Teach Active Maths is designed to complement any scheme of work and can be used for whole class teaching. The resource offers a wide range of lesson plans and activities that cover various topics and objectives in the Maths curriculum. Whether you're teaching fractions, geometry, or measurement, Teach Active Maths provides engaging and interactive lessons that cater to the diverse needs of your whole class.

The Summer Term presents a unique opportunity to embrace active learning and take advantage of the outdoor learning environment. Teach Active Maths offers a wealth of resources and lesson plans that promote physical activity, engagement, and deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. By trying Teach Active Maths this Summer Term, you can create a dynamic and inclusive learning experience for your students, setting them up for success in Maths and beyond.

Teach Active lessons support one of our curriculum aims - to provide activities and experiences that enrich learning and broaden children's horizons allowing us to identify their talents and strengths in activities beyond the core timetable. Teach Active lessons enable staff to build on prior learning and give children the opportunity to work in a different environment, in turn encouraging them to take risks, work in different ways and most importantly for our children - be active!

Mrs. Dardis, Headteacher, Holy Family Catholic School

I love the fact children are proactively channelling their natural competitiveness into Maths challenges. They are often learning so many Maths concepts without realising they’re doing Maths. It’s fabulous to see so many smiling faces and increase in achievement in the subject.

Steve Tindall, Headteacher, Holy Family Catholic School

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