Pancake Day Lesson Resources

Our Pancake Day lesson resources focus on language, comprehension and discussion on the theme of Shrove Tuesday - and pancakes especially - in a fun and active way!

Reception and Year 1 have a picture sequencing activity for making pancakes.

Year 2 have a pancake recipe and instructions with questions to answer around the activity space.

KS2 have an origins and traditions of Pancake Day comprehension activity, where they read the text and take it with them to answer questions around the activity space. Y3/4 have the same text and questions, and Y5/6 have the same text and questions.

There are a lot of potential follow-up classroom activities that the children could do after this fun and active introduction to Pancake Day, including making pancakes, holding pancake races, or researching and sharing knowledge about the different Shrove Tuesday festivals around the world, for example. Perhaps you will create your own carnival!

We hope you enjoy using these activities. Please remember to tweet and post about the active learning your pupils are enjoying! @TeachActive

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