Engage, enthuse and enrich your children through active learning

New Year, New Approach

January is traditionally a time for resolutions and the setting of new and often ambitious targets and goals, both in our personal life and at work.

As we reflect on our current education system perhaps you may feel a change is needed within your school or classroom? Perhaps that change could be a new drive, determination and willingness to introduce active learning within your school – and in doing so introduce one of the most impactful and beneficial things you ever do at your school and for your children.

Here’s 5 reasons why now is the time to engage, enthuse and enrich your children through active learning

1) It is the easiest and most effective way to make the school day more active

Sport England’s Active Lives survey reports only 44% of children are achieving the government’s recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Other research shows an even bleaker picture!

Rather than asking busy teachers to cram in additional initiatives, simply show them how they can integrate movement into their existing lessons!

2) You will inspire a love of learning! 😊

As teachers, we want children to love learning. Children are born to move and will find a new way to enjoy Maths, Reading and Writing when doing so through movement.

Currently 70% of the school day is sedentary – schools introducing active learning are seeing a huge swing the other way, whilst also seeing children who are happier and enjoying lessons more.

3) Children will attain better!

Does movement limit learning? Does an active lesson mean learning is not taking place?

On the contrary, schools across the UK and Internationally who have introduced active learning are finding that active children do better!

Perhaps no-one sums this up better than Dr William Bird with his ‘Movement is Life’ video which identifies the link between physical activity and cognition.

More importantly, we can look at the thousands of schools who have already started this journey and are now seeing children who are making better progress, retaining information better and  attaining better as a result of this approach. Read some school stories here

4) You will develop social skills, emotional and mental well-being

Active learning presents so many opportunities for whole child development – developing social skills, teamwork, resilience and determination. Done correctly, lessons will boost self-esteem, confidence and create that feel good factor. Furthermore, lessons will boost energy levels and create more motivated and enthusiastic children.

5) YOU could help to shape a change for education!

Making a change or resolution often needs a clear purpose, motivation and dedication

Often that change is worth it. That resolution is worth it!

Schools who have taken the step along the active learning journey are already seeing the benefits and impact across their school. They are bucking the trend against a 70% sedentary day and inactive children – and are developing healthier, happier and better attaining children.

Every teacher wants to make a difference! Every teacher wants to inspire, enthuse and instil a love of learning – and furthermore prepare their children for the world into which they have been born

Make the biggest, most impactful change and resolution in your school – try active learning!

Jon Smedley

Teach Active

In 2015 Jon Smedley founded ‘Teach Active’ – an organisation that supports schools across the UK and Internationally with the implementation of active learning.

Now working in partnership with Loughborough University, Jon and his team work with schools and teachers, delivering CPD and introducing resources to support this approach.

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