Rugby World Cup Relay Activities

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup taking place in France we have designed a quick, fun relay game which can be used at any point of the school day. All you need is a large indoor or outdoor space, a few rugby balls, plenty of cones and the word cards printed and ready to use.

How it works:

1. Organise children into teams, with a rugby ball per team. You could give each team a country name of a team playing in the Rugby World Cup this year.

2. Set up a relay course, with the teams sitting one behind the other on one side, and a line of cones for them to ‘dodge’ round. A pot at the other end has a set of word cards in.

3. One at a time the children carry the ball, run around the cones and collect a word card from the end of the course, then run straight back with the ball and card.

4. The ball is passed on and the relay continues.

5. The aim is to collect all the cards and arrange them in the correct order to make a sentence. They should write the sentence on their whiteboard and not share it with other teams.

6. Once everyone has finished, each team mixes their cards up again, puts them back in the pot and moves to the next line. There are 8 sentences so the game can be played 8 times if you want! Some sentences may have more words than others.

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