Active Learning Success Stories

Schools adopting Teach Active are experiencing remarkable success. Some research carried out by Loughborough University found lessons that use Teach Active resources are 33% more active with children attaining better and being significantly happier!

So we thought we would celebrate some of the recent success stories of Primary Schools using Active Lessons in Maths and English…

Using active learning to increase engagement and motivation in Mathematics

Holy Family Catholic School has integrated Teach Active into their curriculum, witnessing substantial improvements in student engagement and academic performance. By combining physical activity with lessons, students enjoyed a dynamic learning environment that enhanced their understanding of core subjects. This approach boosted their confidence, teamwork, and enthusiasm for school with 97% achieving expected level.

Bringing Maths and English alive through active learning

Simonside Primary School implemented Teach Active to enliven subjects like Maths and English through physical activities. The program led to increased student participation and enjoyment. Teachers observed better motivation and information retention when lessons involved movement, supporting academic goals and improving physical fitness and social skills.

Raising attitudes and attainment, whilst achieving 60 active minutes a day

Brookside Primary School saw significant academic improvements, particularly in Maths and English, after incorporating Teach Active. The integration of physical activities made lessons more engaging, resulting in higher levels of concentration and retention among students. These sessions also promoted teamwork and a positive attitude towards learning.

Learning, health, mental wellbeing and physical fitness

Facing challenges with high obesity rates and pandemic impacts, Mandeville Primary School used Teach Active to combine academic learning with physical activities. This initiative improved students' fitness levels, mental wellbeing, and academic skills. Year 6 students especially benefited from active Maths sessions, enhancing their readiness for secondary school through improved critical thinking and communication skills.

Teach Active has been a key part of our award-winning curriculum at Kensington Primary in Newham for many years now. It is a fantastic way to build extra movement into the school day as well as engaging children in their learning.

Ben Levinson OBE, Headteacher, Kensington Primary School

Embed Teach Active in your curriculum and watch your children flourish. It represents the perfect use of PE & Sport funding and should be a key part of every school curriculum.”

Steve Tindall, Headteacher, Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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