Clifton Primary School

To increase engagement and motivation in Mathematics
1. Scenario

Many children within Clifton Primary stated that they did not enjoy Maths and that it was their weakest subject. A significant number of children would not engage or contribute in Maths lessons - and as a result attainment within maths was a key area for the whole school.

2. Action so far

We used our PE and Sport funding to purchase Teach Active. We also hosted a training day, accessible to our own staff - and to the staff from local schools.

Our PE subject leader became our Teach Active Champion and an action plan was agreed to roll out Teach Active throughout the school.

3. Improvements seen around school

All staff are now incorporating Teach Active into their weekly teaching. As a result, all children are now enthusiastically taking part in sessions. Confidence has grown, self-esteem has increased - and children feel more comfortable answering questions during this approach to Maths. Attitudes towards Maths throughout the school are far more positive.

4. Impact

As a result of Teach Active, children are more physically active, enjoying lessons more and looking forward to their next Teach Active lesson. This approach has helped children to learn mathematical concepts and retain information better. The school have also noted an improvement in times table ability, number bond knowledge and increased scores in mental arithmetic sessions.

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